Tuesday, October 16, 2018

mass and volume flow rateMass and volume flow rate
Mass flow rate is "PAV"
volume flow rate is "AV"
NOTE: the equation : A1v1: A2V2  is called the equation of continuity.
Example 1; water flows through apipe of radius 10cm at speed of  20m/s. Calculate the mass flow rate ( p: 1000 kg/m3) .
M:PAV : 1000kg * 10cm * 2m/s :   20,000kg/s

The speed of water flowing in pipe of radius 8cm in 3m/s. Calculate the volume flow rate. How long will it take to fill rectangular pool with water if the dimensions of the pool are 8cm*5cm*4cm.
 Bernoulli's princple
Bernoulli's principle states that where velocity of fluid is high, the pressure is law and where the velocity is law, the pressure is high.
The formula of Bernoulli's equation is;
         P1+1/2pv12+pgh1 : P2+1/2pv22+pgh2

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